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Best of 2021: Utilities industry research & trends


The Metaverse Continuum

"With 2021 behind us, I’m thrilled to share a collection of insights from our thought leaders. As we look ahead, we are excited to work together to meet decarbonization goals across all sectors.”

— SCOTT TINKLER, Managing Director – Accenture Utilities Global Lead

Taking charge of the utility business landscape

Creating a resilient, inclusive energy transition

A report from WEF in collaboration with Accenture found delivering a resilient energy transition depends on a just and inclusive transition. Read more.

Will they still be “Utilities” by 2030?

With industry convergence, utilities are being challenged to build on existing progress and continue leading the way to net zero. Read more.

Industrial clusters: Four solutions to net zero

Accenture and WEF collaborated to develop a framework built around four key solutions to help reduce emissions in industrial clusters. 

Utilities solutions for an ever-changing world

Distribution’s charge for change

Our latest Digitally Enabled Grid report, The Charge for Change: Powering distribution businesses for the energy transition.

Embedding resilience in a climate of change

Balancing the need for utilities to fight extreme weather on one hand and trying to enable the energy transition on the other. Read more.

3 pressing questions for preparing an active grid

Addressing the new requirements of network communication and the increasing demand for stable, low-latency connections. Read more.

The new energy consumer

Fjord trends 2021

Our fourteenth year unpicking how consumers are changing and what that means for the businesses that serve them. 

EV charging: From E to Me

The human side of attracting consumers to adopt new eMobility products and services at scale. Read more.

The utility CCO: Taking charge

Four things to think about to give customers a world-class experience in the energy transition. 

The value of alternative energy resources

Industry views on the road ahead for storage

While storage holds great potential, much work is still needed to realize its ambitions in the marketplace.

No nuclear, no net zero

Three reasons why nuclear has and will continue to have a vital role to play in the energy transition. Read more.

A closer look at the American Jobs Plan updates

The utilities industry is on the cusp of a historic level of infrastructure investment.

Building resilience

Women in utilities

Digitization + sustainability + government stimulus present a new opportunity for women in the industry.

3 steps to safeguard the supply chain

Disruption has become a daily occurrence in the “post pandemic” world, with drastic consequences for the supply chain. Read more.

Utilities Tech Vision

How technology and innovation is helping to shape the future as utilities focus on delivering the energy transition. Read more.

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