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Tuning into Africa’s digital transformation

February 26, 2022 3-MINUTE READ

Why the continent’s digital prospects look bright (and are getting brighter)

On the brink of a tech explosion


to the African economy by 20254


to the African economy by 20504

If Africa sustains and accelerates structural reforms, the continent has the potential to emulate China’s rapid economic rise over the past 50 years5.

— World Economic Forum

The Africa tech ecosystem is strong and rapidly getting stronger

Local digital transformation surges

Startups take flight

Nigeria has become a beacon of start-up success, especially for fintech, capturing 37% of all VC funding in Africa in the first eight months of 2021 alone20.

Getting going


About the Authors

Kevan Yalowitz

Managing Director – Software & Platforms, Global Lead

Caroline Olivero

Manager – Accenture Strategy, Software & Platforms

Shiven Gupta

Consultant – Software & Platforms Strategy

Adam Norgaard

Senior Analyst – Software & Platforms Strategy