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Ransomware reoriented

March 30, 2022 5-MINUTE READ


In brief

The ransomware evolution


increase YoY in ransomware and extortion attacks.


of ransomware attacks impacted organizations based in the United States, followed by Italy 8%, Australia 8%, Brazil 6%, and Germany 6% (Top 5 Countries).

"By adopting a strong communications plan, leaders can tackle ransomware for what it is—a crisis that needs to be handled in a business-focused manner."

— ROBERT BOYCE, Managing Director, Accenture Security

What's happening?

Modernizing ransomware response

01: Enhance your business preparedness

  • Know the many moving parts that make your business profitable — critical processes, their underpinnings, and downstream dependencies across every area of the business— and what your priorities are in the event of an attack.

02: Communicate openly with care

  • Define an agile communications strategy that considers the complexities of a cyber event from a technical and business perspective.

03: Get the CEO and Board onboard

  • Testing and validating attack prevention, detection, response and recovery is common for most security teams, but this step can be enhanced by including the CEO and Board.
  • Evolve tabletop exercises to include executive-level simulations to test your defenses and introduce the risk and adrenalin of a "real life" attack scenario.
Robert Boyce

Managing Director – Accenture Security, Cyber Resilience Services Lead

Ryan Leininger