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Delivering the post-digital human experience

September 24, 2020


In brief

F&L employees and customers, like everyone else, no longer distinguish between their “digital” lives and their “real” lives. And they have little patience for an employer or an F&L service provider that fails to acknowledge the convergence.

F&L companies must navigate a post-digital world

The “I” in experience

Our research suggests that F&L companies have the opportunity to turn passive customers into engaged participants.

AI and me

Emerging uses of AI can help F&L companies reimagine all aspects of the organization. It’s about more than deploying AI for automation.

Robots in the wild

Extending the use of robots from ports & warehouses to environments in which they interact with more employees & customers.

Innovation DNA

F&L companies can put the human first by using Distributed ledgers, Artificial intelligence, extended Reality & Quantum Computing (DARQ).

F&L is on the move


of F&L executives believe they need to elevate their relationships with customers as partners.


of F&L companies are expecting to use robots in uncontrolled environments in three years.


of F&L companies are adopting or piloting AI solutions.

From short-term recovery to long-term growth

F&L is in the driver’s seat

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