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Three considerations when building an intelligent data and AI platform

April 1, 2022


In brief

Overcoming challenges on the pathway to value

1. Building a connected data and AI platform on cloud

Using data and AI for better, faster decision-making

One global pharmaceutical retailer is using AI and analytics to improve the way decisions are made, enhance the customer experience, boost operating efficiency and create new products and services. A gold mine of rich data exists across their business units and in thousands of stores. The company’s CEO recognized that finding a way to integrate all of the highly complex and very sensitive data that spans those stores and businesses could unlock incredible value—in terms of both reducing operating expenses and increasing revenue, and ultimately helping to fulfill its mission to deliver better outcomes for its customers and patients. The company is in the midst of building and deploying an enterprise data and AI platform that will integrate in a single place internal and external data from the company’s retail, pharmacy, and health care businesses. By digitizing and connecting these businesses, the company expects to be able to increase customer loyalty by 3%, reduce inventory by 10%, more efficiently allocate capital expenditures, and identify new products, services, and customer experiences that can drive growth.

2. Ensuring data management and governance across the ecosystem

3. Focusing on the people and experience

Data and AI at scale, in action

Siam Commercial Bank also realized that transformation success was dependent on more than just new technologies and analytics. They wanted to make data and analytics easier to access, visualize and use across functions for better customer insights. They assembled a Data Governance Office, an Analytics Center of Excellence and a bank-wide data stewardship program to implement clear guidelines for effective and secure use of data and analytics and get even more value from their transformation efforts. They implemented a data governance strategy and change management processes to help employees adapt to new ways of working. Through development of a digital transformation approach which combined advanced data and analytics capabilities with people-focused processes and tools for better employee engagement, Siam Commercial Bank was able to use a constant stream of data-derived insights to reinvent their business.

The time is now to transform

Prateek Peres-da-Silva


Prateek is a leader in Intelligent Data & AI Platform strategy and build, focused on realizing and scaling business value at the intersection of business strategy, user experience, data, AI and technology.

Tyler Buffie

Senior Manager – Business Strategy, Applied Intelligence

Tyler is a strategy leader focused on Data-led Transformation. He helps clients become more data-driven in the way they tackle day to day decisions and unlock new business value.

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