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Case Study

"Stopp Corona" App

Digitizing contact tracing to flatten the COVID-19 curve


What Accenture did

To detect contacts between phones using the app, devices perform a digital handshake with nearby devices through automatic pairing via Bluetooth. If people test positive for COVID-19, they use the app to alert those they digitally shook hands with.

This automated early signalling allows potentially exposed individuals to self-quarantine and notify health authorities for guidance.

The app uses digital technology to make contact tracing easy and accessible on and between iOS and Android smartphones.

Data privacy and security was built in to ensure that the app only records anonymous public keys on the device, not location details nor other user data. User phone numbers are only identifiable if the user voluntarily reports an infection.

People and culture

Value delivered


people downloaded the app in the first weeks.


volunteers surveyed potential users to test features.


basic reproduction number (R) needed to slow outbreak of virus.

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