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Accelerating gender equality for all

If not now, when?

Accenture Research collaborated with W20 on a report that details the unequal impact of COVID-19 on women, and the role that businesses and governments must play to help the progress towards gender equality.

Leading the change

I believe women have this innate quality to take everyone along and enable collective growth. India will make real progress when we treat our women as equal partners at home and at work. As responsible leaders, we must act now to accelerate equality.

Sailaja Bhagavatula
Managing Director, Avanade & AMBG lead – Accenture Advanced Technology Centers, and Inclusion & Diversity Sponsor – Accenture India

Thank you for leading

"I believe more women should step forward to break barriers toward entrepreneurship in tech. Companies should commit to help them find their feet, as there's never been a greater need for tech innovation as we look to rebuild a post-pandemic world."

— Avnish Sabharwal, Managing Director – Accenture Ventures and Open Innovation, India

Our commitment to accelerating equality for all

Work at the heart of change

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