Accelerating LGBTI equality in India

We foster a culture of LGBTI equality in India. Ensuring LGBTQ inclusion in workplace emanates from our belief that equality drives innovation.

Leading the way

Creating a safe workplace where professional conduct and LGBTI workplace inclusion is the norm and is a key part of our I&D agenda. Our focus areas include:

Professional development programs including LGBTI Leaders Learning, Hues of the Rainbow and mentorship keeping in mind the Indian cultural and work context.

Inclusive policies and equal benefits, including up to 100% coverage for gender reassignment surgery under the Accenture Mediclaim benefits.

Recruitment, promotion and retention guidelines.

Providing all gender restrooms across all facilities.

LGBT inclusion awareness through our Ally Network of 50000+ in India, and a global Ally program with more than 118,000 members and growing.

Professional development that promotes LGBT equality.

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Pride means more for our LGBTQ+ community

Steffan shares his career journey as an LGBTI employee in Accenture in India.

Learn how Rohit has created a place for himself with the support of his colleagues in Accenture.

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Pride means more for our LGBTQ+ community

We are committed to an equal and inclusive environment for all our people regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

Meet Annith

People Program associate manager, Global Inclusion and Diversity Center of Expertise, Accenture in India

There was a time when my friends and colleagues constantly asked me why I wasn’t interested in getting married. I evaded these questions as I wasn’t ready to come out. Not yet. My mother still believes that homosexuality is a mental illness. I isolated myself and wanted to be invisible. From being a rather loud person, I became quieter. I relocated to a large city, so I’d get lost in the crowd. I found my voice finally, thanks to the unconditional acceptance I received from an ally—my supervisor at Accenture. She was the first person I came out to. Today, I am happy, visible and doing work I love.

Meet Divya Dolly Maria

Client Financial Management specialist, Accenture in India

My first workplace wasn’t inclusive and I constantly feared I would lose my job, if my colleagues learned about my orientation. I heard about Accenture’s PRIDE initiatives from my partner, who works at Accenture and that led me here. I finally found a space where I can be myself, without fear and that too at my workplace!

When I came out to people at work, my colleagues who weren’t even allies, were understanding and supportive. This experience gave me the courage to finally come out to my family. My brother was accepting but even after a year my mom is still struggling to understand what sexual orientation is.

My advice to the LGBTI community members—come out on your terms and DON’T give up on your education as it will enable you to stand up for yourself.

An ally is someone who can accept a person as is. Be vocal when you see or hear homophobic actions or comments. You can make a BIG difference in the lives of people around you.

Meet Melwyn Lobo

People Advisor manager, Accenture in India

Growing up, I didn’t have any answers regarding my sexuality. I constantly struggled to understand myself and fit in. After graduation, I joined Accenture Operations in Mumbai. I completed a year here and then enrolled in our XLRI HR Academy program to pursue a career in HR. I moved to Bengaluru where living alone turned me into a more confident and stronger person. Back in Mumbai, an acquaintance invited me to join a flash mob hosted by a local nonprofit to spread awareness about LGBTI. The experience was a total eye-opener. I met so many amazing people from the community. I also met a colleague who introduced me to our ally group. This turned out to be the best step forward. Ever since, I’ve been an active member of the group—spreading awareness and educating young people on the importance of being inclusive.

Thanks to our Truly Human culture, I’ve been able to understand my sexuality, come out as gay, be my best self and build a great career.

Meet Sandeepta

Your gender doesn’t depend on your body, but on your mind.

 I started struggling with my image at the age of 13. Hesitant and scared, I finally opened up to my parents at the age of 17. Since my family didn’t recognize my self-expression, I eventually moved out and focused on building my career. As I pursued animation film study from Kolkata, I researched a lot on gender and sexuality. This opened my eyes to the fact that I’m not alone. I decided I wanted to be identified as a woman. And self-acceptance became the most fulfilling part of my experience. Despite facing social discrimination, I followed every legal guideline to get my true identity. When I joined Accenture through a job fair in Bengaluru in 2019, I looked and lived like any other human. My colleagues embrace diversity and are receptive to my personality. I feel respected and I’m considered for the quality of my work and contributions—not my gender.

Equality is non-negotiable

We are committed to an equal workplace that respects the LGBTQ community. One that inspires authenticity at work for all our people - including sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

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