New data supply chain

We apply automation to help you unify big data from multiple sources, curate and make it available in easily consumable forms across the enterprise.

Data supply chain and automation

Data on cloud

Extend the on-premise data supply chain to the cloud, modernize it or build an entirely new data ecosystem on the cloud.

Data warehouse modernization

Transition from a legacy enterprise data warehouse to a highly scalable, agile and cost-effective data platform.

Data lake industrialization

Maximize value from your data lake with industrialized data lakes that embed data governance, lineage and security.

Data self-service

Make data available to multiple stakeholders across the enterprise in simple and consumable formats—at speed and scale.

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Turbocharge your business with a cloud-based data architecture

To gain intelligent insights and unlock new sources of growth, businesses need to make their data visible, transparent, trustworthy and accessible. But this is easier said than done, especially when traditional on-premise data management solutions limit companies’ abilities to meet the complex demands of New Data. Businesses, therefore, must consider moving their data to intelligent platforms on the cloud. However, the journey to cloud begins with a smooth takeoff.

Read our point of view to know the options that you must consider before implementing a cloud roadmap. We recommend a more pragmatic and risk-optimized approach to data-on-cloud adoption—one that fulfills your security, cost reduction and scalability requirements while building a flexible business architecture and reducing time to insights.

Data needs to be made visible, transparent, trustworthy and accessible at the point of need to different stakeholders.

Accenture Data on Cloud solution

With pace of business accelerating and data volumes rising, businesses are challenged with data performance issues and increased time to insights. Accenture Data on Cloud solution helps organizations drive an accelerated transition to the cloud with enhanced data trust and quality.

Accenture Data Self Service solution

Accenture Data Self Service solution helps businesses access and prepare data@speed, and derive accurate and contextual insights.

Case studies

Smart airport of the future: Transforming the passenger experience before, during and after travel.

Carnival Corporation connects high-touch technology and the human touch to create hyper-relevant experiences for thousands of guests at a time.

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