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Integrated eligibility

Each state has its own vision for integrated eligibility

Replacing the existing integrated eligibility system or deploying new technology for specific modules

Migrating integrated eligibility applications to the cloud

Innovating and improving existing systems to leverage investments, enable better outcomes and increase transparency and cost efficiency

One platform, integrated solutions

Key components

Case management worker portal

  • Designed specifically for IE workers
  • Intake processing, case management, verifications, eligibility, benefits issuing, document processing and more

Customer portal

  • Secure and responsive
  • Enables clients to perform self-service functions
  • Apply, renew and report changes

Integrated platform

  • Integration framework enables updates of third-party products
  • Helps reduce maintenance costs
  • Keeps systems relevant over time

Accenture has worked with 15 integrated eligibility and enrollment state clients over the past three decades. These systems issue more than $1.1 billion in benefits each month.

Rethinking IE application management

Technology. Talent. Track record.


application management clients


tickets managed a year with Accenture myWizard®


industries where Accenture people lead in technical knowhow


application management professionals across 50+ delivery centers


ecosystem partners


assets, including 350+ AI and industry-specific resources

Accenture behavioral health solution

Leverage 988 mandate and transform mental health

Experience in integrated eligibility

Integrated eligibility solutions


Application services

Accenture’s innovation-led enterprise application services reinvent digital application portfolios with speed and agility, enabling 360° value at scale.

Benefits management system

A client-focused solution for public assistance and social welfare programs, to streamline case management and transform outcomes.



Public service platform

A flexible, service-based platform that enables rapid and effective integration of citizen services.



Citizen self-service portal

A secure, public-facing portal that empowers citizens to check eligibility, fill out applications and report changes online.


Transforming together

Accenture’s experienced team, extensive tools and time-tested processes power a low-risk, high-velocity transition.

Pursue opportunities to exceed current service level agreements and KPIs with greater efficiency.

Transform legacy integrated eligibility systems for greater speed, agility and innovation.

Case studies

Caseworker training reimagined

Accenture helped San Diego County reimagine caseworker training with virtual reality.

CalSAWS takes first step in cloud journey

With an aggressive deadline, California is moving from three legacy integrated eligibility systems to a single statewide, cloud-based application.

Meet "AVA": The State of Tennessee's virtual agent

The State of Tennessee leveraged intelligent automation to address the surge in family assistance requests, improving the citizen experience.

Meet the team

Heidi Reed

Managing Director - Health & Public Service, Integrated Eligibility