Revenue Acceleration

Improve revenue generation processes—from pricing, monetization models, renewals and more—and help your clients pivot to as-a-Service business model.

Helping clients develop as-a-Service growth strategy

Accenture’s Revenue Acceleration offering is a key component of Accenture Business Acceleration (ABA) that provides a unique set of assets and accelerators for pricing, revenue recognition and metrics, good deal definition tools, and sales infrastructure leading practices for CPQ that are required to develop high-performance as-a-Service sales and marketing organizations.

We help our clients develop the proper as-a-Service growth strategy and tactics, which are top of mind for all C-Suite leaders in business. This offering is focused on bringing together Accenture’s functional expertise with the goal of helping our clients sell more, faster, and better.

Our experienced team of dedicated practitioners, along with a unique set of assets and accelerators, help support our client’s journey to success.


Delivering engaging as-a-Service experiences that your customers increasingly demand can be a challenge. Learn from companies who have made the pivot.

Our target segments

Hardware companies

Implement revenue acceleration into business that can result in faster product iterations and quicker new product introductions.

Software & platforms

Impact business positively by targeting deals that generate revenue most efficiently resulting in higher growth rates and revenue predictability.

Comms & media

Become more agile to customer needs as a result of clarity that can be gained on all touchpoints across the journey.

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Many of Accenture’s clients are pivoting to an as-a-Service business model, which impacts all aspects of their revenue generation processes—from pricing, monetization models and renewals, to the type of infrastructure they need, such as CPQ systems.

Our offerings for as-a-Service operating models

We help our clients build their capabilities and serve their end-customer in an "as-a-Service" model, while generating tangible benefits across the entire value chain.

Align revenue strategy

Build the go-to-market (GTM) strategy. This includes product monetization, sales motions, licensing, pricing, partner/rebates management and more.

Define good – deal and lead

Use the revenue strategy to justify the right customer, price and deal. Also define a good deal and implement a scoring model for deal quality.

Private equity playbook / value creation

Help forecast and manage cash flow across the organization, evaluate operational effectiveness and benchmark efficiency against industry peers.

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High Tech Perspectives: As-a-Service models

Imagining the future of the high tech industry

How to become a digital burrito to accelerate revenue

Our takeaways on the importance of an agile digital strategy to face an unpredictable future and become the next digital burrito.

Subscriptions bring big rewards in tough economy

Subscription services are changing. Know the latest trends in subscriptions across industries and how they are impacting revenues.

Focusing on customer value for paramount success

Targeting the right customer segments and innovating to generate customer value is your key to revenue acceleration.

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