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Digital Video Solutions

Enabling content creators, broadcasters, operators and communication service providers to translate vision into value.

Competing in the digital economy

Build an ecosystem (Operating model)

Expand the ecosystem from a B2C to B2B2C model involving end customers and other service providers.

Operate as a platform (Architecture)

Use APIs and microservices architecture to increase reach and serve micro-segments with personalized features.

Use data power (Analytics)

Utilize data to create a seamless, targeted and engaging video experience with assured monetization at every touchpoint.

Next generation digital platforms

Accenture Video Solution

Next generation B2B2C video platform.

Accenture Video Analytics

Business insight data platform for video.

Multimedia Advertising

Ad sales automation and Ad revenue optimization platform.

Metadata Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence based content metadata extraction platform.

Accenture Cross-platform UX Builder

Omni-channel user experience management.

On the leaderboard

200B video views every year

40M record views for a single live event

Catalog of 500+ off-the-shelf features

Primed for use on 7000+ device types

3.3M IPTV set-top boxes deployed

365 downloads per minute

Ready to serve 10.3M concurrent users

>180 standards – based APIs on an open SDK

Peak of 100Munique users a month

Serving 600+ live channels globally

200,000+ on-demand video titles managed

600,000+ nPVR recordings a month

What we think

Re-gaining eminence & emerging stronger

Explore how CSPs can increase relevance and build resilience during a time of epic disruption.

Our leaders

Marco Varsi

Director – Technology, Digital Video Services

Andrea Ruberta

Director – Technology, Digital Video Services

Vinay Dubey

Director – Technology, Digital Video Services, Client Delivery

Sagar Gordhan

Director – Technology, Digital Video Services