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Accenture myNav®

Drive more value in the cloud with myNav

Accenture myNav®

Automating the cloud journey

Discover and assess

your existing infrastructure application and data landscape based on business needs.


the best-fit cloud solution for your business, security and regulatory requirements.


with a comprehensive cloud plan with minimal risk, disruption and rapid and maximum value estate.

Manage and optimize

the cloud estate, for agility, flexibility and security by enabling rapid access, control and oversight for cloud solutions.

Our capabilities help you drive more value, faster


Cloud Business Case Builder

Builds a case for cloud strategy/decisions and tracks the benefits by measuring and reporting progress against key performance indicators

Cloud Architect Designer

Discovers & assesses current application profile, simulates & creates optimal architectures to enhance performance, agility and resiliency.

Green Cloud Advisor

Advises cloud solutions that can reduce carbon emissions and quantifies the “greenness” of potential cloud solutions to support responsible businesses

Sovereign Cloud Advisor

Helps make informed decisions to store, manage, process and govern data to offer covering transparency, regulatory and sovereignty requirements

Cloud Migrator

Develops a migration roadmap for moving infrastructure, applications and data to the cloud, identifying the right sequence to accelerate migrations

Cloud Manager & Optimizer

Helps companies track & manage consumption, optimize spend and enforce security policies across cloud infrastructure, applications and microservices

Industry Cloud Advisor

Enables companies to rapidly build industry-specific applications on the cloud, leveraging pre-engineered industry cloud platforms to accelerate value

Talent Advisor

Advises companies to prepare and transform their talent to work effectively in the cloud with detailed assessments, plans and recommended skills

Change Advisor

Advises companies to plan for the changes needed across human, technology, industry and business dimensions to realize their cloud vision

Growth & Innovation Accelerator

Helps companies rapidly build and launch potentially groundbreaking solutions on the cloud to accelerate innovation, business growth and reinvention

Enterprises need ease their initiatives of 'migrate to and transform in' the cloud but also bring certainty in their cloud journey. They are struggling in deriving value from cloud as they are not able to deeply assess what will work.

— YUGAL JOSHI, Vice President, Everest Group



Up to 30% savings from faster business cases – from months to weeks


Up to 25% lower SAP on cloud migration cost


Up to 40% savings from continuous cost optimization


Up to 14% additional carbon emissions savings over a typical migration

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