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Accenture & Finastra: Enhancing financial services

Accenture named Leader in Everest Group report

for Market Impact and Vision & Capability

Accenture and Finastra capabilities


Cloud-based, front-to-back-office lending made real on Fusion Loan IQ and LenderComm (blockchain) to grow business efficiently


Innovation from Fusion Global PAYplus for high-value, mass, and real-time bank and treasury payments

Trade finance

Modern trading built on Fusion Trade (TI+) lets banks be frictionless and client-centric—from trade to forex to corporate portal

Capital markets

Delivering tried-and-tested Fusion Capital core engines (Kondor, Summit, Sophis) for scalable and flexible trading

Connected corporate banking solutions

Blending all capabilities to break down bank silos via digital-based agile methods—enabling a speedier and more efficient service


See what we’ve got planned for you.

Connected corporate banking

Innovation power to bolster banking

Deep expertise

Extensive Finastra skills

Unique accelerators

Assets to maximize implementation and value

Accenture Finastra Innovation Center

Finastra-based studio for ideation and co-creation

Banking insights app for SMEs

Our leaders

David Parker

Global Financial Services Industry Practices Chair

Charles Clinton

Senior Manager – Financial Services, Management Consulting

Jasmine Dhiman

Managing Director – Capital Markets, Technology