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Providing the foundation to design, build and integrate your applications

Our technology architecture services help guide custom software implementation and integration of multiple systems to maximize scalability and performance.


Application, IT and Systems Architecture Services

In an age of rapidly evolving technology systems and standards, it is increasingly challenging to align and integrate IT systems in a way that makes them adaptable, predictable and easier to maintain while providing the foundation for organizations to integrate new and existing IT capabilities.

Accenture Architecture Services can help you plan and deliver a foundational technology architecture that guides custom software implementation and integration of multiple systems to maximize scalability and performance. In addition, we incubate new capabilities in business application and system development for Accenture. Through our architecture assessment and strategy, systems engineering and DevOps services, we help clients realize:

  • More predictable and agile IT systems at lower cost

  • Improved quality and speed to market for new systems development

  • Innovative approaches leveraging new and proven technologies

  • Increased testing effectiveness for architecture-based solutions

Why Accenture

Accenture has been a leader in application and systems architecture for more than 25 years. Our vendor-neutral viewpoint, global network of technology expertise, broad ecosystem relationships, and ability to stay at the forefront of software engineering innovation uniquely position us to add value for our clients.

  • Deep experience: Delivery of 3,500 technology architecture solutions annually with 3,800+ certified technology architects.

  • 25+ year track record with object technology, open systems and SOA.

  • Innovation centers for Oracle, IBM, SAP, Microsoft, and Open Source.

  • Alliances and deep product knowledge with all key platforms vendors and emerging providers.

  • Innovative approaches to architecting advanced technologies:

    • Contemporary Digital and Lean Architectures

    • Microservices, API Management and Event-Driven Architectures

    • Next-Generation IoT, VR/AR, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Architectures

    • DevOps, Cloud Engineering and Web-scale Architectures

    • Architecture Assessments, Strategy, Design and Delivery


In Accenture, Technology Architects are at the heart of innovation to deliver the most technically complex and cutting-edge solutions to our clients. To nurture our best talents, we created a specialized Master Technology Architect Certification Program to identify and recognize Technology Architects within Accenture for their level of expertise and experience. This program helps to ensure that projects have the right level of architecture knowledge and provides our architects to have a well-defined career progression for Technology Architects.

Our certified technology architects are not only committed technical experts, they are also leaders in Accenture to drive the trends of the NEW and able ensure successfully deliver projects. Currently we have more than 3,800 certified technology architects across the globe with 4 different levels of certification:

  • Master Technology Architects: leading our largest and most complex projects, discussing technology strategy with clients’ C-level executives, demonstrating thought leadership to help drive innovation internally, and presenting at forums and media externally. Currently Accenture has more than 120 certified Master Technology Architects.

  • Senior Technology Architects: leading medium-sized projects and discussing technology issues with a client IT director or VP.

  • Technology Architects: leading medium/large-sized projects and discussing specific technology architect issues with senior client architects.

  • Technology Architects Associates: who are part of the technology architect team for a project or as team leads within projects and can discuss specific technology architect issues with junior client architects.

Specific Services

Accenture Architecture Services include:

Architecture Strategy and Assessment defines the vision, principles, standards and roadmap to guide prioritization, operations and management of technologies and systems supporting your business. We can identify a foundational technology architecture that guides custom software implementation and integration of multiple systems to maximize scalability and performance.

Software Engineering incubates new capabilities in business application and system development. We research, analyze and test new advances and create competence in open source technology including PaaS as well as modern web application development.

In addition, we leverage automation techniques to migrate legacy systems into Java or .Net structures. Throughout, the goal is to enable our clients to harness new technologies which allow them to enter new markets and grow their market share.

DevOps uses governance and automation techniques to optimize collaboration across development and operations, enabling faster, more predictable and more frequent deployments to market. We help our clients define and implement a DevOps strategy which will reduce the operational cost of IT changes, while increasing speed of delivery and resiliency of production systems. This is accomplished through increased automation and appropriate tooling.