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In brief

The C-suite is expanding, again

Where to begin the transformation journey?

No two transformations are alike, but at the core, they are all centered around achieving a strategic vision, fostering financial growth and enabling a more nimble, responsive organization.

1. What steps can businesses take to feel confident about their ability to execute a transformation?

2. How is a transformation office different from a program management office?

3. What is Accenture’s approach to a transformation office?

Accenture is your partner throughout the entire transformation—one with the breadth of experience to anticipate problems, quickly identify the best solution and help organizations adapt as circumstances change.

4. What are the key components of Accenture’s transformation framework?


A compelling vision is at the core of every successful transformation. It must be set with purpose, articulated with precision and communicated clearly, creating the persistent drumbeat that guides the organization.

360° value

A 360° value-driven approach delivers the promised benefits to the organization. It identifies, articulates, measures and ensures progress toward business outcomes.


End-to-end integration of transformation plans and solutions helps ensure that the vision and value are achieved. It provides the framework and architecture to align initiatives and pivot quickly.


A robust governance model and related controls can help lay the foundation for success. It is imperative to establish clear decision-making authority and transparent reporting, enabling the transformation to move at speed and adapt to change.


People are at the heart of the transformation. It is critical to engage the right talent at the right time, enable leaders as change catalysts, build skills for the future and embed the new ways of working into the organization.

5. Why is having a clearly defined vision critical to the success of a transformation?

6. What elements do companies tend to overlook during a transformation journey?

7. How important is it to have a partner throughout the transformation process?

Frequently asked questions:

Greg Douglass

Senior Managing Director – Technology Strategy & Advisory (RETIRED)

Greg guides clients worldwide on their technology-powered business transformation journeys.

Cassie Walls

Managing Director – Technology Strategy & Advisory

Cassie is a strategist who leads Accenture’s transformation capability in North America.

Jason Sain

Managing Director – Technology Strategy & Advisory

Jason is a strategist who leads Accenture’s transformation office capability globally.