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Fueling recovery

February 01, 2021


In brief

Recovery Investment is next

Seize the opportunity and fuel change

Positioning for long-term growth

Think big and target win-win opportunities

By identifying aspirational projects that support industry transformation objectives with respective government priorities, business leaders can drive large-scale progress and change for society and business alike.

Take a collaborative action mindset

The strongest projects will take a strategic partnership approach to drive broad, shared success. Embrace an ecosystem mindset and consider how a proposal and action plan could be strengthened through the advantages and capabilities of other players.

Execute with intention and value at the forefront

Successful large-scale transformations depend on well thought out planning and execution―from establishing the strategic vision, goals and expected value, to ensuring the plan is action ready and considering how analytics can track impact over time.

About the Authors

Kathleen O’Reilly

Global Communications, Media and Technology Industry Practices Chair

Stephanie Jamison

Global Resources Industry Practices Chair & Sustainability Services Lead

Karen O’Regan

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Ireland Lead

Katherine Dunn

Senior Manager – Accenture Strategy​

Chris Tomsovic

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Macro Foresight Global Lead


Tomas Castagnino

Thought Leadership Principal Director – Accenture Research

Nicole Kozlac

Consultant – Accenture Strategy

William Snowden

Consultant – Accenture Strategy

James Gray

Consultant – Accenture Strategy

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