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What is digital hesitation?

It’s time to understand why companies are hesitant to make the transition into digital business models and we hear it straight from the expert. Thomas Lah, Executive Director & Executive VP at TSIA joins this episode to talk about his new book “Digital Hesitation – Why B2B Companies Aren’t Reaching Their Full Potential”, the impact of the first and second wave and the complexity of complex.

Who owns the customer?

Knowing when and where to apply industry know-how is a key ingredient to the recipe for customer success. Leslie Stretch, CEO of Medallia joins Kevin Dobbs to talk about using partners to provide know-how in customer experiences. They round out their conversation covering the complex and not-so complex adoption of digital technologies and who actually has ownership of a customer.

What’s driving your customers?

Leslie Stretch, CEO of Medallia is back with Kevin Dobbs talking about his customer driven roadmap. He also shares thoughts on the valuable lessons on sticking with customers through good and bad and shares what he won’t do for a deal.

Are you in the majority or the minority?

Leslie Stretch, CEO of Medallia joins the podcast to share his stories about CEOs that are transforming their businesses to digital first businesses. We also learn about the silent majority and the legion of minority companies after Leslie tells us a bit about Carlsberg Lager.

What’s making you sticky to your clients?

Partnerships are the topic of this episode. N3’s Jeff Laue talks about how your partners are what can make you more competitive. He also shares his thoughts with host Kevin Dobbs about the when’s the right time to be brought in to help a client and the right questions to ask.

It’s not what’s helping you grow, it’s who’s helping you grow

Kevin Dobbs and N3 CEO Jeff Laue continue their conversation on the XaaS Files podcast by going into the people aspect of subscription business. They cover finding the right people, bringing in leaders with the right IQ and EQ and his first-hand experience of not just hiring consultants but being one.

What’s your hippocratic oath to digital transformation?

“First do no harm”. CEO of N3, Jeff Laue shares his thoughts with host Kevin Dobbs on how the Hippocratic oath can be applied to the subscription-based businesses. Jeff also shares examples of companies that have been doing well during COVID times and how N3 is helping with customer success.

Are you disrupting your own model?

How can companies avoid business nightmares?

Steve Strongin, Senior Advisor at Goldman Sachs sits down with Kevin to give his thoughts on valuable attributes of digital transformation from a Wall Street perspective. Steve also shares how influential platforms are to scale your business and the difference between dream and nightmare scenarios for your business.

Read Steve Strongin’s full reports that were mentioned in the episode:

How do you build value in the marketplace?

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