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In brief

The communications industry underpins our new tech reality


of communications executives agree the convergence of digital and physical worlds over the next decade will transform their industry.


agree investments in emerging technologies will help their organizations remain resilient on the global stage.


of communications executives agree software and services powered by AI foundation models will significantly augment innovation and creativity in their organizations in the next 3 to 5 years.


expect better customer experiences, and 61% expect accelerated innovation to be two major benefits from the use of AI foundation models.


of communications executives agree new data architectures and strategies are required to manage the dramatic changes to their organizations’ data landscapes.


of communications executives agree emerging data management approaches including Data Fabric and Data Mesh, will become critical in optimizing their organizations’ value chains.


of communication executives view digital transparency as a strategic business imperative, not just a technical issue.


believe that issues with authenticating customers’ identity are negatively impacting their bottom line.

Getting this right from the start

Mathangi Sandilya

Managing Director – Technology, Communications, Media & Technology Lead

Davide Bellini

Managing Director – Communications and Media