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Strategy and solution

Industry 4.0 reference architecture

A new reference architecture and capability model support the design of digital solutions across business units.

Intelligent digital platform

Big data apps enable access to (and processing and analysis of) vast amounts of data to improve safety, asset uptime and operational efficiencies.

Digital twin

Teams can now create a virtual model of an asset to optimize designs, accelerate changeover times and streamline operations.

Industrial wireless network

A new wireless network uses smart sensors to generate a unified view for operations across multiple enterprise entities.



Machine learning and advanced analytics solutions are expected to boost operational reliability by up to two percent and yield by 15 percent.


Process digitalization, supply chain automation and analytics are on course to reduce operating costs, material costs and maintenance costs by at least 10 percent.


Predictive analytics are on track to reduce the number of health, safety and environmental incidents by 15 percent.

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