Call for change

An influx of digital-first competitors is pressuring the European banking establishment. This bank was no exception. To keep up with consumer demand for more accessible, personalized services and maintain its market share, the bank knew it had to break free from the inefficient manual processes that were holding it back.

It wasn’t just growth at stake, but survival. To take on the more agile players storming the banking landscape, the bank would need to provide more responsive customer service while cutting operational costs, boosting efficiency, and establishing stronger controls.

The bank honed in on its collections administration, where legacy systems were hindering its response to the 6,000 official information requests it received each year. The bank also needed to modernize its invoice processing, an outdated operation that produced a large backlog and inflated costs.

They turned to Accenture to unlock new ways of working and develop a restructuring plan that would digitize key functions and future-proof its business for the decades to come.

Reliance on manual processes resulted in a large backlog of unprocessed invoices and high processing costs. The bank was eager to eliminate the backlog, improve operational efficiency, and offer personalized services.

When tech meets human ingenuity

We helped the bank shift to a managed-services arrangement that would transform its operations. We teamed with the bank for a significant portion of its operations, including customer service, invoice management, claims, operations, trade finance, collections, procurement, funds management and e-learning.

The bank streamlined complex processes, integrated new technologies and unlocked data-driven insights by implementing 62 robotic process automation (RPA) bots , four artificial intelligence engines and a number of other digital management tools.

An automated system now scans and classifies all incoming invoices and extracts key data, reducing manual effort by up to 50% and helping the bank clear its backlog.

A sophisticated management app and 20 RPA bots have automated the bank’s end-to-end process for handling most credit card incidents. The system provides more responsive customer service, and employees are freed up for more valuable, high-level work.

The bank’s finance division now identifies deals where both the buyer and supplier are clients and offers to pay suppliers early in exchange for a fee. Clients enjoy favorable lending terms, and the bank grows a new line of business.

Accenture’s tailored approach and the bank’s willingness to embrace innovation were critical to success.

A valuable difference

We designed a new service model to help the bank adapt, optimize and manage operations in real time. Embracing the challenge paid off.

Talent can’t do its best work when it’s saddled with outdated processes and a jumble of legacy systems. And customers, with an ever-increasing choice of financial service providers, will flee from banks that don’t respect their time and demands.

Embracing data-driven insights and processes helped this European bank reduce costs, boost efficiency and grow business. Most importantly, it is future-proofing its operations, with valued employees and satisfied customers in tow.


Reduction in customer service call handling time.


Clearance of the bank’s backlog of official information requests.


Average number of days to resolve a credit card incident report, down from 15.


Increase in annual net profits due to operational cost reductions and strong business growth.

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