Empowering our people to speak up

Misconduct has no place at Accenture, and we empower our people to speak up safely and confidently.

Our people can speak up with confidence

We encourage our people to speak up if they experience, see or become aware of any inappropriate behavior, including any form of disrespect, harassment, racism, discrimination, retaliation or any concerns about unethical or illegal behavior. And we have zero tolerance for retaliation.

We offer our people many ways to raise a concern—through our leaders, anyone in Human Resources or Legal and our Accenture Business Ethics Helpline—and once they do, we make it clear what to expect.

The process

When someone raises a concern, we seek to confirm the facts in a professional, methodical, thoughtful and balanced manner.

Once we get to the facts, we determine appropriate outcomes and ensure that they are applied fairly and consistently on a global basis—regardless of seniority, position or contribution to Accenture. We communicate back to all parties to share when the investigation is concluded. Often the outcomes of an investigation are confidential but typically result in discipline, counseling or termination.

We make it clear what to expect:

  1. A concern is reported
  2. We investigate 100% of concerns
  3. We determine the outcomes
  4. We follow up and close the concern

Supporting our people during the process

We know that raising a concern can be stressful for our people, and we’re committed to helping them throughout the process. We offer a number of resources to help:

We have specially trained teams who can provide personal support and answer any questions.

Our Employee Assistance Program is also available to all our people 24/7, and we help them easily connect with people and resources.

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We take our peoples’ concerns seriously and act on them. And we reinforce at every turn that we have zero tolerance for retaliation.

Joel Unruch

General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

For additional support and information

Contact the Accenture Business Ethics Helpline

To anonymously report a concern online or obtain a phone number to speak with an agent 24 hours a day, seven days a week, contact the Helpline.

Call for immediate safety or security concerns

For any immediate safety or security concerns, contact the Accenture Security Operations Center (ASOC): +1-202-728-0645.

Read our Code of Business Ethics

We rely on our Code to help our people and suppliers make ethical choices and consider the impact of their decisions. You can see our Code here.

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