Lili L.


Lili L.


Workplace Solutions & Management Specialist



Area of Interest

Operations Careers

Career Area

Workplace Management & Service Solutions


Secretarial Academy

About Me

What I Do

I help manage Office Operations, Facilities & Services in Jakarta. I work with my team to ensure our facilities operate well for our internal customers.

Day in My Life
I usually reach the office by 7:30 a.m.. Throughout the day, I attend to my internal customers’ requests, participate in meetings and conference calls; and reply to emails. I try to enjoy the break times and have lunch with colleagues. To keep my work-life balance, I make it a point to leave the office and head home at 5 p.m. sharp.

Outside the Office
I focus on my role of being a good wife to a happy husband and being super mom to my three children. My idea of chilling is spending time with my kids and cooking. I also love to sing karaoke.

My Advice
Accenture is great place to work and to learn new things. Here, you never work alone but always collaborate with colleagues around the globe. If you have questions about your work, just connect with the Accenture global network and you will always find the answer.

Keep your work-life balance and it will make you more productive to deliver your work and keep you happily working.