Life as a consultant

Working as a consultant in Accenture is constantly challenging. But it can also be invigorating and ultimately rewarding.


Each day, you wake up knowing that the technology you envision and implement is making life better for others. If you thrive in this demanding environment, you know you’re among the tough and lucky ones.

If you decide to join us, you’ll have the great privilege of working with Technology and Management Consulting experts who combine their skills to deliver effective and profitable solutions to our clients.

This experience will make you a more-rounded Consultant. All you need is the willingness and an open mind to take advantage of these opportunities.

After typically 24 to 36 months of project work as an analyst, you will have the professional grounding and specialist skills to be promoted. So get ready to take your career higher, gain more knowledge, develop broader skills and make new friends!

What Work Will I Do?

We think that work we do at Accenture is rewarding, challenging but a lot of fun too. As a Consulting Analyst, your initial responsibilities will include:

  • Designing activities (e.g. writing functional designs)

  • Developing deployment deliverables (communications, training, etc)

  • Assisting in documenting the recommendations of subject matter experts

  • Participating in portions of technology build, test and deployment activities

  • Performing portions of technology architecture and infrastructure design activities

  • Developing and testing new business processes / capabilities, and supporting technologies

  • Providing insights and ideas to the project team by conducting primary or secondary research as needed

  • Assisting in analyzing and documenting as-is capabilities of business processes, people and technology

Fresh graduates who join our Consulting workforce will be hired into either the Technology Analyst Consulting Group (TACG) or our Management Consulting Analyst Community (MCAC).

Technology Consulting

The Technology Analyst Consulting Group (TACG) is where most of our Consulting graduates start. It’s a gateway that brings together training, peer group support and a diversity of live projects.

Based on the project’s requirements, you will work on assignments that will develop your technology skills and understanding of the business, which in turn will teach you to implement some of the world’s leading software packages such as SAP and Oracle.

If successfully promoted to Consultant, you have the choice of specializing in one of our Systems Integration / Technology Consulting groups. 

Apply now: Accenture Graduate Consulting Opportunities 2013-2014 

Not the technology career you were expecting?

Find out more about Technology Career Programs with Accenture Technology Solutions (ATS)

Management Consulting

If you join us within Management Consulting Analyst Community (MCAC) upon graduation, you will be part of our Management Consulting Development Program where you will develop core Management Consulting skills. 

This unique experience will facilitate your specialization, moving into one of our business domains if you are promoted to Consultant.

As an Analyst in Consulting, joining the TACG or MCAC is a great chance to develop your expertise and put yourself at the forefront of technology and business.

Apply now: Accenture Graduate Consulting Opportunities 2013-2014

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