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Cyber Industry


Cyber-physical security

Protect operational reliability and integrity by securing industrial and process control systems and connected products at all stages of the lifecycle.

Communications, media and technology

Secure products, protect the core enterprise and grow the business for companies building the technology platforms and communications networks.

Financial services

Increase cyber resilience, reduce cyber and supplier risk, manage regulatory compliance and improve trust by enabling secure digital transactions.

Health and public services

Increase resiliency, protect data and manage regulatory compliance by embedding security across the organization’s infrastructure and connected devices.


Unlock, safeguard and sustain business growth while protecting trust by securing the evolution of product manufacturing and development companies.


Secure digital transformation and operations, focus on reliability, safety, systems and intellectual property, and respond to evolving regulations.

What we think

The Cyber-Resilient CEO

Five actions CEOs can take to minimize risk and put cyber resilience at the heart of reinvention efforts.

State of Cybersecurity Resilience 2023

How cybersecurity boosts enterprise reinvention to drive business resilience

Cyber threat intelligence report

Our latest report focuses on early 2021 cyber threat trends and expert perspectives on threats to the operational technology (OT) landscape.

Cybersecurity blogs

Our leaders

Luis Luque

Managing Director – Accenture Security, Cyber-Physical Security Lead

David Cooper

Managing Director – Accenture Security, Communications, Media and Technology Lead

Fabio Colombo

Managing Director – Accenture Security, Financial Services Lead

Piyush Jain

Managing Director – Accenture Security, Products Lead

Rich Mahler

Managing Director – Accenture Security, Resources Lead

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