Transform the HR experience in your organization

Accenture’s Employee Experience Platform, powered by SynOps, is an HR journey guided by trusted advisors, AI, analytics and digital engagement.

Make the most of employee moments that matter

The Employee Experience Platform always treats employees as the customer. Guiding and enhancing their experience in every interaction through the full cycle of their employee journey.

Moments that Matter highlight their high-impact life experiences: The New Joiner, Job Transfer, Growing a Family, and Employee Exit. These are just some of the endless moments that the platform supports.

Each moment demands the close attention of a trusted advisor, data and AI-driven technology all working together to provide the best next action and experience possible.

Employees have easy access on their devices, anywhere, anytime, as they move from uncertainty through learning, feeling well supported, and landing on a successful outcome. Transactional tasks are assigned to robots, so HR professionals can leverage their knowledge to help employees reach their goals.

This is the story of your people, from hire until they retire.

Watch this video to get started. The Moments That Matter videos below show what it’s like for employees to navigate these significant life events with thoughtful guidance every step of the way.

HR for every step of the journey

See how Accenture’s Employee Experience Platform, powered by SynOps, guides and inspires staff from hire to retire.

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Dive into moments that matter

New joiner

Job transfer

Growing a family

Employee exit

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