Aspire Content Processing Framework

Augment search, analytics, and natural language understanding applications with a powerful, scalable content processing framework for unstructured data.

A proven framework for unstructured data processing

Poor quality content, especially metadata, is a leading cause of user dissatisfaction and underperformance in search, analytics, and natural language processing (NLP) applications. The acquisition, preprocessing, and enrichment of unstructured content – text, images, voice – is critical yet often neglected when building insight discovery applications.

Aspire Content Processing – a powerful, scalable framework designed for unstructured data – can help address this challenge. It’s efficiently leveraged in various enterprise search and analytics implementations, including intranet search, e-commerce search, government portals, natural language understanding systems, intelligent document understanding, and other AI-powered applications.

Aspire Content Processing can be deployed as a standalone asset or within an optimized reference architecture incorporating our range of technology assets.

Contact us to learn how Aspire Content Processing framework can help improve your search, analytics, and NLP applications.

Aspire Content Processing Animation

Aspire is Accenture's secure, scalable and flexible content processing technology that supports all major commercial and open-source search engines. See more.

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Aspire Content Processing features

Search engine independent

Works with a wide range of commercial and open source search engines.

Powerful and scalable

Enables unstructured content from multiple repositories to be accessed, processed, and enriched to optimize the search and analytics experience.


Protects enterprise data and applications with document-level security, permission groups, and advanced authentication techniques.


Leverages standards-based and other open source technologies and deployable on-premises or in the cloud.

Big data integrated

Tackles computationally large text analytics tasks through the integration with Hadoop.

Tested and proven

Provides a foundation for a flexible, reliable, and maintainable approach to content processing solutions that align with business goals.

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Aspire Content Processing for your organization

Developed by the Search & Content Analytics practice of Accenture, Aspire Content Processing can be deployed as a standalone asset or efficiently within our reference architecture. We bring a range of consulting and implementation services.

Assessment and strategy

Our proven approach to helping enterprises identify business goals, assess whether Aspire is a good fit, and develop solid implementation roadmaps.


Deployment and configurations of Aspire for content processing tasks or full-scale search, analytics, and natural language understanding applications.


Administration, monitoring, maintenance, support, and routine upgrades to ensure security and optimized performance.

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