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Supply chain cost management: The path to growth

January 19, 2021


In brief

The new reality for spend management

Optimizing spend with Closed LoopSpend Management

Accelerates cost takeout with a zero-based mindset

In times of market disruption, companies need to preserve cash liquidity. CLSM uses analytics, proprietary market intelligence, and team-based sprints to identify and help execute quick wins for optimizing spend and reinvests the realized value across the organization.

Unlocks new value with data-driven insights

In Accenture’s experience, companies can generate significant new value through spend management innovation. CLSM extracts deep savings from direct spend and indirect spend, while optimizing inventory and connecting processes by moving to a data-driven procurement operating model that can help drive longer-term transformational projects.

Makes responsibility part of a company’s DNA

CLSM embeds responsible practices across procurement – to ensure sourcing is sustainable by design. It provides visibility into ethical, carbon-neutral, and circular economy supply solutions, while reducing waste and risk, and considering social impacts. With this visibility, companies can build trusted and transparent value chains.

More effectively manage change for enduring growth

Companies have limited resources to make many urgent, important changes. CLSM gives leaders full control over how quickly, and how much, they transform their operations and implement the organizational change – with the people and in the processes – to help achieve their long-term growth goals.

Prepares companies for what’s next

To be future-ready, companies need to work leaner, smarter, more flexibly, and collaboratively. CLSM employs a human + machine model for more intelligent automation, data-driven decision making, and seamless operations.

If the current environment has taught us anything, it’s this: What’s now “normal” is truly different from even a year ago and companies need to react accordingly.

Spend transformation: optimizing procurement's value

New ways of working: optimizing the organization

A transformative approach to embrace change

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About the Authors

Ramon Colomina

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Supply Chain & Operations, Sourcing and Procurement Global Lead


Managing Director – Strategy Cost & Productivity Reinvention Lead, EMEA

Chad Gottesman

Managing Director – Operations, Procurement Business Process Services

Justin Keeble

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Sustainability Strategy Lead, EMEA


Managing Director – Strategy, Supply Chain, Operations & Sustainability, Sourcing and Procurement Lead, North America

Vivek Luthra

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Supply Chain & Operations, Growth Markets Lead

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