In brief

In brief

  • Discover unique opportunities around the current and future remote workforce.
  • The Dock - Accenture’s flagship R&D and global innovation center carried out an in-depth ethnographic study.
  • The insights gained can help Accenture’s Communication Service Providers (CSPs) identify opportunities and prepare for the future hybrid workforce.
  • Learn about 4 insights from our extensive 14-factor research.

Remote work life insights

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In collaboration with The Dock, authors of The Future Home of the 5G Era conducted an in-depth research series and developed a tool that allows companies of all sizes and with all priorities consider the key impacts of the past 16 months on their workforce.

Insight 1: Providing for All

With the onset of working from home, we’ve become more connected and reliant on our technology devices than ever before. Our devices are a lifeline: they help us work, stay connected to friends and family and entertained. Our study shows that when remote workers think about their CSP, their experience is linked to the service they receive. CSPs have a valuable opportunity to reshape this narrative between CSPs and their remote workforce consumers.


people who never worked from home previously now plan to work from home more often in the future, even with the post-pandemic return to work reopening's.


Women have seen their earnings decline.

Insight 2: City in the Home

Our homes have become much more than simply our havens. They are now our gyms, our schools, and our entertainment hubs. People are changing and adapting their homes to accommodate their increased consumption of activities and events. Now is the chance for CSPs to capture the opportunity to bring traditionally outside-the-home experiences such as the gym, the cinema and the restaurant, into a new experience.

Insight 3: At home in the office

The ideal working environment is now a single purpose, separate space. People want to either shut off distractions to get work done or shut off work to enjoy their home life. People expect all elements of their remote work life run as productively and efficiently as it would in an office. Strong connectivity, security and other work considerations have shifted to those working from home. There is a unique opportunity for CSPs to develop partnerships with other companies to replicate the rounded experience of the office environment at home.

"I want a room that is only for my office, so that the space is separate from anything else I do. This would help me switch my mindset immediately to ‘work mode’ when I walked in there."

— Chelsea, 27 Firm Thriver

Insight 4: Balancing the Imbalance

Could the virtual work trend potentially be setting women back years in terms of pay and progression in the professional workplace? With women still bearing most of the domestic burden, working from home is presenting fewer benefits for women than men. Women have seen their earnings decline almost two thirds more sharply than men, dropping by 16.5% on average since the pandemic began, compared with a drop of 10.1% for men.

Rachel Earley

Design Director and Rapid Innovation Lead – The Dock

Michael Torrans

Innovation Services Design Lead – The Dock

Boris Maurer

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Communications & Media, Europe

Jefferson Wang

Senior Managing Director – Cloud First Networks and 5G Lead


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