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"By rewiring media and entertainment organizations to flex fast, they can do more than watch their customers outgrow them. They can grow with them. At speed."

— John Peters, Managing Director and Lead

Issue 4: Optimize for time spent


Reinvent for growth

Accenture explores how media companies can move to profitable growth by helping consumers get everything.

Ad-funded video’s powerful return

Explore how streaming companies can make the most of ad-funded video while beginning an evolution of consumer connection that goes beyond video.

Streaming’s Complex Consumer

Explore why understanding the streaming consumer’s full DNA through cross-platform insights must be an urgent priority for streaming services.

Case studies

Accenture helped Disney Studios’ StudioLAB build and pilot a scalable platform to deliver an interactive movie poster content experience.

Globo teamed up with Accenture to implement its transformation journey into a mediatech company.

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The Future of M&E Marketing

Our first six issues combine thought-provoking content and insights from 1,000 marketing executives on the latest trends, tools and technologies in the realm of M&E marketing. In a world of shifting consumer expectations and rapidly-evolving technologies accelerating direct-to-consumer competition for media companies, more than ever, marketing organizations are positioned to lead their companies to growth.