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Case Study

Pioneering quantum computing in R&D

Accenture Labs works with Biogen to apply quantum computing to accelerate drug discovery.

Call for change

As quantum computers become more readily available, it will be possible to compare much larger molecules than today, which opens the door for more pharmaceutical advancements and cures for a range of diseases.

When tech meets human ingenuity

Quantum helps provide more contextual information about shared traits between compared molecules versus the traditional method.

Quantum allowed Biogen’s scientists and researchers to see exactly how, where and why molecule bonds matched, offering better insights and the potential to help expedite drug discovery.

The future of pharmaceutical R&D is now

Accenture and Biogen achieved a breakthrough that verified the quantum-enabled method for molecular comparison was as good or better than existing methods.

Our findings unveiled an advancement that indicates quantum computing has the potential to significantly improve the pharmaceutical industry’s drug discovery process and improve patient outcomes.

Based on the momentum from these breakthroughs, Accenture built a quantum molecule comparison application for Biogen that presents several clear advantages over classical computing.

A valuable difference

Quantum enables Biogen to dive deeper and gather more contextual information on selected results offering a distinct competitive advantage through time to market and cost savings.

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