As part of a mission to change from Telco to Techco and continue to be a best-in-class intelligent enterprise, Vodafone decided to revamp its global finance organization. For this landmark journey, Vodafone partnered with Accenture to migrate to the powerful SAP S/4HANA®.

The journey to SAP S/4HANA and beyond would create lasting business value for Vodafone as well as being one of the largest SAP migrations ever.

By working with Accenture and SAP, Vodafone would stay at the forefront of digital working.

The change was an enormous and exciting undertaking. And the need for business continuity of their global finance system was paramount.

Vodafone transforms their finance organization with Accenture

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What Accenture did

Executing one of SAP’s largest ever migrations required both business transformation and technology expertise. Vodafone knew we could support all the way from strategy to global delivery.

We hosted workshops to understand user pain-points and aspirations for the new system and brought Vodafone leaders to our technology innovation centers for design thinking sessions.

Then we reduced Vodafone’s massive database size down to about 30% and began the process to migrate the data and systems to SAP S/4HANA.

We meticulously streamlined the conversion to execute the live migration with next-to-no business disruption for Vodafone.

“We are super proud of what we have achieved. We're in very good shape to react to the future.”

— Ignacio Garcia, CIO – Corporate Information Systems, Vodafone

People and culture

A strong focus on user experience and improving the working life of Vodafone’s finance employees was at the heart of this project.

To maximize the benefits from SAP S/4HANA for users, we deployed a “customer-grade” UX and ran virtual and classroom training sessions for employees.

We demonstrated how SAP Fiori®’s new intelligent launch pad would drive optimized ways of working for each and every user with its simplified single point of entry to a range of core systems powered by several analytical applications.

Working together with our partners, we ensure we were collectively able to deliver to deadlines.

Value delivered

Completing one of the largest SAP migrations ever, is impressive, but the real success are the process efficiencies and evolutionary potential achieved for Vodafone.

The improved automation, standardization and user experience across their finance business model has boosted speed and agility for best-in-class business execution. Plus, it has allowed Vodafone’s employees to focus on the tasks that really matter and add value.

Excitingly, we’re now in the next phase of the journey – leveraging the latest innovative functionalities of the SAP S/4HANA digital core – where we hope to help Vodafone make history again.

Some of our key stats include:


Key targets: Improve automation, improve standardization and improve the user experience for Vodafone's finance employees.


Terabyte database size achieved, reduced from a massive 22 terabytes.


Professional users across finance and supply chain management benefited from the project.

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