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Safeguarding total enterprise liquidity

Accenture Finance’s liquidity management response to COVID-19 harnessed the power of data, technology and people’s expertise to power decision making

Call for change

When tech meets human ingenuity

COVID-19 dashboard

"Our ability to respond to rapidly changing market conditions brought on by COVID-19 was the result of the seamless interplay between our people and our technology."

— ONKAR LIDDAR, Assistant Treasurer – Accenture


"We had our fingers on the pulse of what was happening with our cash every day."

— RICHARD CLARK, Chief Accounting Officer and Corporate Controller – Accenture

Treasury and corporate planning & analysis

Financial management

"When you mobilize thousands of Finance people in short order, to take action in a volatile environment, communications that are short, crisp, clear, empathetic, and easy to follow are absolutely critical."

— GREG GEISLER, Senior Managing Director – Business & Commercial Finance – Accenture

Corporate development

Teaming and communications

A valuable difference

"In an unprecedented event like COVID-19, you can’t wait for your monthly results and look backward to figure out what to do. By then, too much has happened. You need near-real-time leading indicators so that you can make decisions in real time."

— KC MCCLURE, Chief Financial Officer – Accenture

Speed to produce new metrics and reporting and to mobilize people

Ability to access and visualize data efficiently and effectively

Daily reporting on near-real-time billings and collection status company-wide

Analysis and strategic advice to the business

Meet the team

Greg Giesler

Senior Managing Director – Business and Commercial Finance

Richard Clark

Chief Transformation Officer, Business Enablement

Onkar Liddar

Managing Director – Assistant Treasurer

Andrew Inchley

Managing Director – Finance, Strategy and Enablement

Ronald Stevens

Managing Director – Finance Operations Controllership Lead