Read the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) around Accenture's corporate governance and the Accenture board of directors (the “Board”).

Board of directors

How many members are on Accenture's Board? Will this number change?

A: The Board currently consists of 10 directors. Under Accenture's Memorandum and Articles of Association, the number of directors on the Board shall be at least eight but no more than 15, with the exact number of directors determined solely by the Board.

How many committees does the Board have? What are they?

A: The Board currently has four standing committees: The Audit Committee, the Compensation, Culture & People Committee, the Nominating, Governance & Sustainability Committee, and the Finance Committee.

Are the roles of CEO and chair of the Board split or combined at Accenture?

A: The Board maintains the freedom to choose whether the roles of chair and CEO should be combined or separated based on what it believes is best for Accenture and its shareholders at a given point in time. Currently, Gilles C. Pélisson serves as our independent lead director and Julie Sweet serves as our chair and CEO. The Board has evaluated and considered Accenture’s leadership structure and determined that the presence of our independent lead director, with meaningful responsibilities, together with a strong leader in the combined role of chair and CEO, will serve the best interests of Accenture and its shareholders at the current time. The nine independent directors are business people—men and women—from Europe, Asia, Latin America and the United States.

How long is the term of each director? Do all directors' terms run concurrently?

A: Our entire Board is elected annually. Our directors are elected for one-year terms that run concurrently.

How are members of the Board compensated for their service as directors?

A: Each of our directors receives an annual grant of restricted share units (RSUs) valued at $230,000. Newly appointed directors also receive an initial grant of RSUs valued at $230,000 upon appointment to the Board. In addition, each of our non-management directors receives an annual retainer of $110,000. They may take this retainer entirely in cash, entirely in RSUs or one-half in cash and one-half in RSUs. In recognition of the time commitments required, our lead director is paid an additional annual retainer of $60,000; the chair of the Audit Committee and other members of that committee are paid an additional annual retainer of $35,000 and $17,500, respectively; the chair of the Compensation, Culture & People Committee and other members of that committee are paid an additional annual retainer of $30,000 and $15,000, respectively; and the chairs of each of the Nominating, Governance & Sustainability Committee and the Finance Committee and other members of those committees are paid an additional annual retainer of $25,000 and $12,500, respectively. These additional amounts may also be taken in cash or RSUs as previously described.

Where can I find Accenture's standards for director independence?

A: The standards we use to assess the independence of the members of our Board are described in Appendix A of our Corporate Governance Guidelines.

How are Board conflicts of interest defined and handled?

A: The members of our Board are expected to adhere to the principles set forth in Accenture's Code of Business Ethics, as well as our policies addressing conflicts of interest, confidentiality and ethical conduct in all business and personal dealings.

How can I contact the Accenture Board?

A: By e-mail via the Office of the Company Secretary at Or write to our Board at
Accenture Board of Directors
c/o Secretary
161 N. Clark Street, Chicago IL 60601, USA

Responsible Company & Citizen / Code of Business Ethics

What is Accenture doing in the area of corporate citizenship and sustainability?

Accenture is committed to playing our part in transforming our global economy to be more responsible, more sustainable and work for the benefit of all. Learn more in the Responsible Company & Citizen section of

What is the Accenture Supplier Standards of Conduct?

A: Our Accenture Supplier Standards of Conduct, which supplement our Code of Business Ethics, set forth the standards and practices that Accenture suppliers are required to uphold. Accenture’s Supplier Standards of Conduct can be found on the Code of Business Ethics homepage.

How can I contact the Accenture Ethics and Compliance Program?

A: Contact the program at the Ethics and Compliance Mailbox.

How do I report a concern to the Accenture Business Ethics Helpline?

To report specific concerns, visit the Accenture Business Ethics Helpline, where you may report your concern via the web or obtain a country-specific phone number to speak with an agent 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In most cases, you may remain anonymous when using the Accenture Business Ethics Helpline; however, in certain countries this may not be the case due to local legal restrictions.

You should use the Accenture Business Ethics Helpline only to make a good faith claim. Accenture takes all allegations seriously.

How does Accenture handle personal information obtained in connection with contacts to the Accenture Business Ethics Line?

A: Personal information of any individual that Accenture obtains or receives during the reporting and investigation process will be held and used in accordance with the Accenture Data Privacy Policy and data privacy law. Personal information will only be used for strict purposes of reporting and investigations. It will be treated confidentially and shared internally with a limited number of people who have a need to know or who are responsible for dealing with reports and investigations. This may, in some cases, include persons in other countries where Accenture does business.

Please view our data privacy notice

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