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Life sciences solutions require the blending of innovative science with brilliant experiences.

Helping biopharma companies connect with patients

The healthcare market is demanding a pivot toward an approach that leads with a focus on patient value. But only 30% of pharma companies are confident that they are able to deliver patient centricity and only 35% of patient groups report that they believe the industry is “excellent” or “good” at putting patients first.

Traditional approaches to drug design, development and commercialization are not well-positioned to deliver on the patient-centered needs of the industry. This is why we have introduced a new way to envision and deliver breakthrough care experiences and solutions, at scale.

With the Accenture Patient Experience Lab, we’ve created an end-to-end approach that combines experience, evidence and economics to drive human outcomes, at scale.

Looking at the human experience

The Accenture Patient Experience Lab was founded on five guiding principles:

  • Shifting focus from clinical to human outcomes
  • Leading with meaningful “missions”
  • Unifying data science with the voice of the patient
  • Embedding therapeutic depth into innovation
  • Accelerating the “concept to scale” process

We work with pharma and biotechnology organizations from around the world, connecting them to the human experience. We help Define & Envision to generate new patient insights through data science and voice-of-the-patient perspectives; Co-Create & Validate to build relevant products and series and secure valuable patient feedback; and Enable & Scale to bring solutions to market and expand channels and audiences.

Learn more about the Patient Experience Lab through this SlideShare and hear directly from patients in these compelling videos.


Patient Experience Lab slideshare


Patients share their healthcare experiences


A look at our biopharma patient summit

The evolving role of patient services

In a recent survey, we asked 4,000 patients about their experiences with patient services. We found they prefer to receive services from patient organizations over pharma companies.


of patients said that they feel an emotional impact every day because of their condition. This rises to 72% for patients in the United States.


of patients said that pharma companies understand their emotional, financial and other needs related to their condition.


of patients are willing to share their health data with patient organizations to get better care.

Earning patients’ trust

Bridging the gap: Earn patients’ trust post-pandemic to improve health outcomes. Learn how Accenture’s Patient Experience team are working to transform patient engagement approaches across the lifecycle by better reflecting the holistic needs, preferences and values of the patient.

What we think

As New Science grows in prominence, a new economic environment is demanding change for biopharma’s.

Help connect patients to the services they need, by strengthening the patient engagement model to increase adoption.

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