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Four steps that shape a responsible business

September 9, 2022 5-MINUTE READ
Research report

In brief

They can originate Butterfly Effects enabling a better tomorrow.

Responsibility as a competitive advantage


Companies that are the most advanced on responsible business achieve 14x higher revenue growth and 4x higher operating profit growth on average.


Organizations with deeply embedded sustainability management practices outperform peers by 21% on both profitability and positive environment and societal outcomes.


Leaders are more than 2x more likely than Laggards to consider it very important to them personally as senior executives that their organization is a responsible business.

Organizations need to go through a Responsible Business Transformation to protect the future and thrive in it.

Take the most effective approach

Trigger a Butterfly Effect

Daniel Hjelte

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting

Kris Østergaard

Head of Research and Publishing – Rehumanize Institute

Laila Pawlak

CEO and Founder – Rehumanize Institute

Julia Wilhelmsson

Consultant – Strategy & Consulting, ESG Measurement & Performance

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