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Case Study

Carlsberg brews innovation with cloud

Carlsberg transitions to a digital business with a scalable, flexible cloud infrastructure and automated application landscape.

Call for change

When tech meets human ingenuity

“The people at Accenture were just as passionate about what we were trying to achieve as we were. Also, Accenture was able to provide the unbiased guidance we needed when it came to evaluating and ultimately choosing the right cloud solution.“

— Sarah Haywood, CIO of Carlsberg

Transforming to a digital business with cloud

According to Sarah Haywood, CIO of Carlsberg, “In this day and age, companies are built in months, not years. It was critical that we moved quickly so we could start adding value fast.“

An application transformation focused on reducing technology costs and optimizing the application landscape. Carlsberg became one of the first companies in Europe to close its datacenter.



A “connected bar” solution introduced a new, sustainable, lighter-weight beer keg with IoT sensors to gauge real-time consumption and link directly with marketing campaigns—a first for the company.

A “smart brewery” solution uses IoT sensors to identify problems during the production process and automatically issue maintenance requests minimizing service disruptions and optimizing production.



A service delivery transformation includes a new service desk, standardizing processes, applying intelligent tools and automation, and optimizing team configurations.

A valuable difference

100% in the cloud = unlimited innovation

“With cloud, our network capacity is 10X what it was. Our people get to focus on things that make a difference for our customers. And, that is closing the gap.“

— Sarah Haywood, CIO of Carlsberg

Meet the team

Henrik Pedersen

Market Maker Director – Europe Market

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