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Accenture: Manage mySales solution digitizes the sales process

Accenture delivers a “one-stop shop” solution for all sales needs via a single platform that can be used anywhere, anytime.

Opportunity to Reinvent

The ability to efficiently and effectively execute sales activities to support Accenture’s growth aspirations is a crucial objective across Accenture. Our existing environment, however, consisted of both on- and offline tools and an end-to-end toolset was lacking. Additionally, one of our primary tools, Accenture’s opportunity management solution, was ready to be re-platformed.

It was clear that the business needed a new and single solution to manage sales—from first client contact to signed contract—to enable our client account teams to collaborate. These teams needed a solution that provided the rigor and analytical insights to help them move from sales administration to sales enablement.

Solution to Digitize Sales

Accenture’s Global Sales and Pricing Excellence organization developed the overall vision for a new solution and collaborated with the internal IT organization to support the change required to make it happen. Together, the business and IT set out to digitize how Accenture sells by enabling the end-to-end sales process and improving efficiency through automation.

"The key to digitalization was bringing Accenture’s sales processes online to create the ‘intelligent connection points’ that connect our global account teams to the right people, the right assets and the right insights to be more effective in their sales pursuits,” says Mike Maresca, IT Managing Director of Team Technology."

The new solution, called Manage mySales, is being developed over the course of three phases over three years:

Phase 1 – The joint team deployed Manage mySales, a customer relationship management (CRM) solution providing the core capabilities of account, contact, opportunity and activity management, leveraging standard capabilities of with custom enhancements made based on account team feedback. An equally important aspect of this foundational work was re-platforming the opportunity management solution.

Implementation of the “base” Manage mySales solution involved integrating sales data across numerous applications to streamline, simplify and integrate the sales management processes. A new infrastructure was also leveraged, enabling the solution to be managed entirely in the cloud and be used anywhere, anytime on mobile devices. Manage mySales was deployed globally over five months, in three waves, across all Accenture geographies. Upon go-live, the previous opportunity management tool was retired.

Phase 2 – Building upon the foundational components enabled in Phase 1, the team then set about to improve overall operational efficiency in Phase 2 by optimizing business processes, integrating applications and providing core analytics to enable real-time insights.

Phase 3 – Moving out of Phase 2 into the third year of the journey, the team plans to optimize the user experience and deploy more insights to drive value-based outcomes. This will be accomplished by:

  • Upgrading to the new Salesforce Lightning architecture to provide an entirely new user interface and enhance the user experience.

  • Expanding Wave Analytics, including implementing predictive analytics and pricing intelligence to support sales management.

  • Embedding process, best practices and “just-in-time” training content to support users as they navigate the application.

Single Sales Solution

Manage mySales provides a “one-stop shop” solution across all of Accenture globally for building and managing key client relationships, one place where individuals can go to get a 360-degree view of their accounts, and one platform for growing Accenture’s sales pipeline, qualifying opportunities and developing best-in-class strategies.

The solution is aligned with Accenture’s top business priority of growing the business by providing client account teams with new, more robust and digitalized CRM capabilities. These capabilities include faster and streamlined opportunity forms, online qualification and win strategy tools, automated new business meeting materials and enhanced intelligence via account management.

Moreover, this solution, accessible on mobile or tablet, is much more interactive and more effective in achieving the sales required to support Accenture’s growth and digital agenda by capturing what individuals used to do offline and putting it into one online digital platform—transforming how Accenture manages client relationships.

Digitizing the Sales Process

Accenture is on a journey to digitize its sales process

Listen as Accenture managing directors Jason Warnke and Sean Freeburger discuss how Accenture sales teams are now managing sales activity more effectively within a centralized, global and cloud-based system that provides relevant and real-time data when and where sales teams need it!