INTIENT Research

The cloud solution for life sciences research, collaboration and innovation.

Our vision for research transformation

INTIENT Research is a powerful cloud solution for research teams and their fulfilment partners, uniting the complete research workflow and processing of the resulting test data in one comprehensive platform.

The open architecture inherent to INTIENT Research connects scientific research-intensive organizations with our network of software and content providers to share data and capabilities that help solve for patients today and tomorrow.

Accenture’s team of scientific and laboratory informatics expertise, strategic and business consulting capabilities, and global scale is revolutionizing how scientific and laboratory processes are conducted.

Request an INTIENT Research demonstration and learn about it’s key solutions – Scientific Request Management, Research Data Fabric & Decision Support, and Target Management & Selection – and understand how an end-to-end solution like INTIENT can improve biopharmaceutical research programs.

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Driving innovation in research

The INTIENT Research solution is designed to drive collaborations and improve productivity and innovation in drug discovery. Its ecosystem approach helps software vendors and biopharmaceutical companies team more effectively to accelerate drug discovery efforts.

Secure collaborative environment

Provide researchers with access to third party software, content and services via an Accenture-managed environment.

Multi-tenant cloud platform

Bring together core research informatics capabilities to support pharmaceutical research development through an open, standards-based cloud platform.

Rapid application development and deployment

Deploy and integrate next-generation capabilities rapidly to keep pace with changing science, capitalizing on the platform economy.

Ecosystem approach

Connect researchers and software and service providers through an ecosystem environment to share data and advance science.

Advanced decision support

Implement a new model for scientific workflow management, data aggregation, and decision support.

Global data accessibility and management

Access powerful on-demand computing and processing that provide near real-time analytics.

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Research collaboration unlocked

Life sciences researchers and informatics professionals understand the complexities of scientific discovery and innovation.

Incorporating a modern user interface environment, INTIENT Research enables easier collaboration across the enterprise and with external partners. All data is accessible from a single interface, with integrated workflow, reporting and analytics capabilities—allowing users of the INTIENT Research product suite to aggregate, access and analyze research data from multiple applications.

INTIENT Research for Life Sciences

Accenture leaders discuss INTIENT Research, our cloud-based informatics product suite designed to help scientific research organizations improve productivity and efficiency.

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