Call for change

Transforming the newspaper business for tomorrow

After 145 years in the newspaper business, Nikkei Inc. is being impacted by intense competition, new media formats, and a generation of young people losing interest in newspapers. As a result, the company is revamping its products and business operations, while also changing Nikkei’s very structure and employee mindset. To support that new strategy, Nikkei created a company-wide Digital Transformation Committee made up of corporate, HR, and IT teams. The committee decided to focus on HR first, and introduce an advanced personnel system so managers can use data analytics to make talent decisions. Nikkei chose to implement new IT infrastructure to underpin that transformation.

"This is a watershed moment for Nikkei's continued growth. The reform of HR management, including the job-based personnel system, is a concrete step in the right direction."

— Mr. Makoto Shudo, Assistant General Manager, HR/General Affairs – Nikkei Inc.

When tech meets human ingenuity

Driving HR with data

Nikkei’s HR department aimed to redefine the organization's mission, review manager positions, simplify the chain of command, and reform HR management. Central to this evolution was the introduction of an advanced HR system, initially for managers.

The solution would need to seamlessly integrate Nikkei’s various systems in order to efficiently collect and analyze HR data to improve management decision-making. Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) was chosen for the job, and Nikkei selected Accenture as its implementation partner because of our expertise in HR consulting, organizational management, and Workday implementations. Accenture’s team had already worked on Workday HCM implementations in Japan and could advise on local labor laws and the best ways to use the solution at Nikkei.

A valuable difference

Promoting company-wide penetration

Workday HCM, along with the HR component for managers, was implemented in April 2021 and Nikkei is already seeing the benefits.

HR now uses training data to match workers with the best programs to boost their skills or gain relevant new ones. The HCM software provides a forum for workers to share tips related to internal training—data that Nikkei will use to inform new offerings. Topics users have clicked on most frequently will be used to provide personalized recommendations.

Nikkei and Accenture plan to expand the solution’s functionality further, extending adoption to all employees and integrating skills and project data. Nikkei is now ready to develop a new generation of talent.

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