Intelligent data management for SAP technologies

Illuminate your data. Cleanse. Migrate. Govern. Let us work together to unlock greater value from data in your SAP systems.

Accenture lights your path to intelligent data management

Your company’s data is a strategic, differentiating asset, and it’s at the heart of the SAP systems that run your business.

Accenture and SAP have worked together for years to help our clients infuse data with intelligence and elevate their capabilities in three key areas: data migration, data quality and data governance including master data management.

With Accenture myConcerto, our enterprise transformation platform, we bring the best of Accenture and SAP together to support your data management requirements. myConcerto flexes to the unique needs and complexities of your business and industry to innovate at scale and accelerate outcomes.

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Building a data strategy for the intelligent enterprise

Our comprehensive data strategy approach helps clients establish a clear vision and action plan to protect and leverage their data as an essential business asset, define their goals and, ultimately, make informed, data-based decisions.

Identify business value to maximize

We prepare clients to embark on a collaborative journey to enable the vision.

Set the "North Star" to plan

We build a framework to define the goals of data quality, data migration and data governance.

Define roadmap to realize

We strategize and establish a practical way forward that defines your goals and what success looks like.

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Data quality – for better operations and insights

Executing business driver no. 1, data quality, is about helping the business identify issues, create a data cleansing roadmap and regularly monitor your data quality. Our Intelligent Data Quality platform applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you:

  • Understand current challenges with your enterprise data, which is the first step in the journey toward better operations, analytics and insights.
  • Leverage AI and machine learning to quickly identify data patterns and behaviors.
  • Suggest correct values for more intelligent data cleansing, speed up the data profiling process, reduce manual errors and save money.

Data migration – proven, agile delivery capabilities

Our agile capabilities and proprietary tools help us execute business driver no. 2, data migration. These include an enhanced user interface to engage the business, iterative data readiness cycles to improve data quality and automated data validation to enable business value. A few key principles guide our work:

  • Clean and accurate data is the foundation for strong business processes and analytics.
  • A successful data migration team must have strong partnership with business data users and owners to ensure data from source to target is mapped, transformed and validated correctly.
  • We leverage tools to enhance the user experience during transformation and work in an agile fashion to achieve high data quality during transformation.

Data governance & MDM – whole greater than the sum

Business driver no. 3, data governance and master data management (MDM), is the collection of people, process, technology and information components that work together to ensure master data is coordinated across the enterprise.

Effective data governance and MDM deliver a unified master data service that provides accurate, consistent and complete master data across the enterprise and to business partners. It has four fundamental components:

  • Master data business processes to optimize business efficiency.
  • Master data management organization to enable data governance.
  • Master data architecture with MDM technology to ensure data integrity.
  • Data definitions and standards to create a common language.

Awards and recognition

Industry analysts recognize Accenture as a Leader in serving clients. Also, we’ve received 43 SAP Pinnacle Awards and 100-plus SAP awards in the last five years.

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