Intelligent enterprise search solutions

Create competitive advantages and improve business results with AI-powered enterprise search.

Gain better insights from your data, faster

Enterprises are becoming more insight-driven and Internet search engines are changing consumers’ expectations for search. As data grows, it will be crucial for organizations to go beyond traditional search to deliver better insights and business outcomes. This is where intelligent enterprise search solutions can create tremendous value.

Intelligent enterprise search uses AI technologies, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), semantic search, and Machine Learning (ML), to provide an engaged, relevant search experience. It offers a single point-of-access to enterprise content sources, allowing data – structured and unstructured – to be enriched, searched, and analyzed.

By enabling real-time access to critical information that aids decision making, intelligent enterprise search can deliver benefits across industries and business functions.

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Example intelligent enterprise search use cases

Intranet portals

A single point-of-access for employees to navigate enterprise information, find experts, locate policies/procedures, etc., to drive business decisions.

Support portals

Enable customers, employees, and partners to solve problems that require deeper knowledge from various functions of the organization.

Research and development

Integrates information from markets, competitors, customers, and various data sources to solve challenges and identify new opportunities.

Chatbots and virtual assistants

Identify user intent and direct the user to the appropriate chatbot to complete specific tasks.

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Enhance the insight discovery experience

  • Employees spend less time searching for information and become more productive.
  • There is less duplication of effort and time spent recreating information that already exists.
  • Analytics and decision making are improved with timely access to critical information.
  • Customer services can be enhanced through real-time access to relevant enterprise-wide information.
  • Information-driven insights can be transformed into competitive advantages.
  • Risks can be reduced by detecting fraud and threats and by ensuring compliance.

With new AI-powered, intelligent enterprise search to deliver more accurate information, search engines are becoming "find engines.”

White Paper

Intelligent enterprise search with practical AI

As users become accustomed to everyday smart apps, they expect the same experience in the enterprise. This white paper identifies the building blocks for intelligent enterprise search and show how organizations can achieve this capability.


Consulting and implementation services

With deep expertise in search engines and unstructured content analytics, we bring a full range of services to help clients transform their traditional search into more intelligent enterprise search applications.

Enterprise search application development

Incorporates NLP and ML to help analyze and derive business-critical insights from enterprise text, audio, images, and videos.

Question-answer system development

Provides intelligent, targeted answers to natural language search queries.

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