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Drive growth in the front office with smarter data

March 1, 2022


In brief

Big data or smart data?

Operations maturity & transforming a business

What does it mean to be a future ready business?


of the sample are future-ready organizations, which operate more profitably and efficiently than those at lower operations maturity levels.


of marketing executives said that business-technology collaboration is happening at scale currently. For sales it’s merely 9%.


of Front Office leaders said they’ve improved their ecosystem partnerships over the past three years.

Achieve the art of the possible

Client Case study

1. Turn data into insights;

Using AI, and share those insights across sales, marketing and customer service.

2. Target new and existing customers;

Based on these insights, and create a feedback loop. Sales should constantly learn from marketing which tactics connect with customers.

3. Direct resources to easy wins;

Prioritize opportunities based on the customer-lifecycle impact.

4. Learn together;

Across functions, from successes and failures alike.

5. Match talent;

To the right tasks and markets, so that the right types of skills and personalities are attracting specific types of customers.

Danielle Moffat

Managing Director – Intelligent Sales and Customer Operations Offering Lead

Danielle helps clients improve their operations and achieve sustainable growth through a suite of innovative front office services

Shannon Copeland

Managing Director – Accenture Operations, Digital Inside Sales Innovation Lead

Nigel Gilbert

Managing Director, Lead – Marketing Operations

David Jones


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