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Women transforming Life Sciences

Cheering our fearless female innovators


our global workforce are women

Carina Edwards, CEO, Quil: Changing the way we age

Interview: Carina Edwards, Quil

Having that sense of justice or fairness has really been a driving force for me, trying to create an environment that’s creating more space for women and minorities.

— SVP, S&C Development, Agilent Technologies

Celebrating women reshaping the future

"A digital or an AI solution first and foremost has to respond to a priority in the country where you want to roll it out. If it's not a health priority, it will never reach scale."

— Sandra Horning - Co-Founder of EQRx

We are committed to inclusion and diversity

Inclusion and diversity at Accenture

Discover Accenture’s commitment to accelerating equality for all and to create an inclusive workplace.

Activating responsible leadership

See our research on responsible leadership and hear young leaders discuss today’s societal challenges.