In brief

In brief

  • Three signs indicate biopharma is facing compressive disruption that could threaten traditional approaches.
  • Biopharma companies that embrace New Science are driving exceptional growth and mitigating the disruptive forces of compression.
  • Find out how leaders in New Science are using digital, data and genomics to reshape the biopharma landscape and patient care.

Today, there are clear signs that the biopharmaceutical industry is facing a quiet yet potentially damaging force: compressive disruption.

Unlike “big bang” disruptions where companies are out-innovated by a competitor or new entrant, compressive disruption happens slowly and stealthily when a series of biopharma innovations, macroeconomic factors and other changes combine to squeeze profits over a decade or more.

However, future-focused biopharma companies have found a way to deliver exceptional growth amidst compressive disruption: by embracing New Science, an ever-evolving combination of the best in science and health technology that is filling unmet need and raising the standard of care.

Three signals of biopharma compression

These three signs of compressive disruption reveal a biopharmaceutical industry facing headwinds.


The decline in future value as a percentage of enterprise value from 2015-2018.


The decline in the amount of time a treatment retained a leadership position in the market from 2000-2017.


The decline seen in the three-year average pipeline replenishment ratio from 2012-2018.

New Science is fueling biopharma growth


of sales between 2017 and 2022 are expected to be driven by New Science, up from 47% between 2012 and 2017.


more investment is being made in digital, data and genomics by leaders in New Science compared to their peers.


higher Probability of Technical and Regulatory Success (PTRS) with New Science compared to other treatments.

See how New science is reshaping the biopharma landscape.

New Science offers a more precise, effective way to treat and care for patients in ways previously not attainable. It unlocks a tremendous opportunity to drive significant growth across multiple therapeutic areas, from oncology to dermatology.

New Science will change the landscape in which innovative treatments are discovered, developed and brought to the patients that need them.

Find out how your organization can lead in New Science and make a difference in patients’ lives faster and better than ever before.

Stuart Henderson

Client Account Lead – North America​

Sanskriti Thakur​

Senior Principal


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