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In brief

Redefining responsible leadership

Accenture World Economic Forum 2020 Responsible Leadership Video

The decade to deliver


of CEOs say citizen trust will be critical to their competitiveness in the next five years.


of emerging leaders (the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders and Global Shapers) say that business models should only be pursued if they generate profitable growth and improve societal outcomes at the same time.

Combining responsibility with innovation results in better performance

A new model of responsible leadership is required

The five elements model of responsible leadership

Company executives and stakeholders value different leadership qualities

Making responsible leadership a reality

Who are your stakeholders and how well do you really know them?

Do they include non-traditional and diverse interests? How important is each group of stakeholders to your organization? Do you understand the negative and positive consequences of your organization’s actions?

Is your leadership team on course to have a balanced Five Elements profile?

In discussions, does the Five Elements profile resonate with your leadership team? Do you draw upon these attributes, skills and mindsets when making strategic decisions? Are the Five Elements present in how you grow and build your future leadership teams?

What do you need to accelerate and scale responsible leadership qualities throughout your organization?

What barriers exist? What opportunities and burning platforms can accelerate progress? Are there particular tools, support, or types of collaboration that can spur progress at an individual, organizational and ecosystem level?

Peter Lacy


Peter advises leaders of Fortune 500 companies on strategies related to growth, technology, innovation and sustainability.

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