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Innovation in IT

Our Spotlight: CIO 24/7 podcast series highlights how our global IT teams are pushing the boundaries of what technology can do for Accenture. We are implementing technology that not only enables Accenture to run cost-effectively, securely and more sustainably, but that also is transforming how our people work to foster innovation and propel growth.


Digital worker - Truly Human

Spotlight CIO 24/7 Digital Worker Truly Human

In the latest episode in our CIO 24/7 Podcast series, host Jason Warnke speaks with Bryan Asmus and Andrea Plamondon about what Accenture is doing to support our digital workers as they strive to balance work and the rest of their truly human lives.

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How VR fits into the digital experience

In this episode, Accenture CIO Penelope Prett, joined by Accenture guests Allison Horn, Global Head of Talent, and Jason Warnke, Digital Experiences Lead, talk about how virtual reality fits into the digital experience. Hear how VR is opening up a whole new opportunity for us to deliver more experiential, more immersive learning opportunities.

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Spotlight CIO 24/7

Cloud security

Spotlight CIO 24/7

With over 95% of our applications in the cloud, and clients across the globe, we know how important it is to ensure our data is secure at every step along the way. In this episode, Jen McHale-Bryar, Managing Director - Global IT, Strategic Programs & Operations dig into cloud security with two of our own experts Don Galzarano, Managing Director - Global IT, Enterprise Architecture and Simon Gooch, Managing Director - Global IT,  Cyber Security and Digital Identity Lead.

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Low code in the enterprise

In this episode, Accenture’s CIO Penelope Prett and Technology Lead Adam Burden, talk about what advantages low code can bring to companies and what they need to be thinking about as low code becomes a normal part of our everyday vocabulary.

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CIO 24/7 podcast series Low code in the enterprise

Cloud value realization

CIO 24/7 podcast series Cloud value realization

Listen to Accenture's CIO Penelope Prett, and Elise Cornille, Managing Director – Technology Marketing, talk about how we’re extracting the most value from the cloud and the steps we are taking to continue optimizing our cloud strategy.

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Make the leap, take the lead

Hear Accenture's CIO Penelope Prett and Integrated Global Services Lead Ramnath Venkataraman, talk about “Make the leap, take the lead” research. This research has shown that by stepping up investments in cloud, AI and other technologies, ‘leaders’ are now growing revenue at five times the rate of ‘laggards’.

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CIO 24/7 podcast series Make the leap, take the lead

Citizen development

CIO 24/7 podcast series Citizen development

Listen to Accenture's Karen Odegaard, Managing Director – Global IT, Digital Worker Technology and Marketing Director Sean Butterworth talk about how we are using the Microsoft Power Platform to empower our people to become citizen developers. Learn how we’re using citizen development and the advantages and changes it can bring to organizations.

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