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Rail and transit

We help rail and transit companies transform their operations through digital platforms, data-driven insights and a reimagined customer experience.

Shaping the future of transit

What we do


Helping toll operators transform their operations through state-of-the-art back-office systems, digital platforms and a reimagined mobility experience. Learn more.

Core IT and cloud

Cloud-based platforms, AI and 5G. The new IT architectures help operators run enterprises and networks more efficiently.


Embedding sustainable innovation across the value chain. More responsible mobility equals more sustainable mobility.

Passenger experience

Holistic, purposeful, personalized. Enhancing the passenger experience for better outcomes from journey planning through payment to destination.

Multi-modal connectivity

Rail and transit networks will form the backbone of new mobility ecosystems. Empowering connectivity across all modes of transport.

Industry X

Intelligent design and engineering. Transforming the efficiency and effectiveness of products and services through digitization.

Data-driven enterprise

A new approach to data strategy and governance. Leveraging data insights to better manage asset lifecycles and enhance resource deployment.


Device proliferation significantly increases network vulnerability and requires meeting constantly rising IT and OT security requirements.

Case studies

On track to success

SAP S/4HANA implementation helps ProRail bring its financial and procurement processes into line.

Ascendi transforms toll operations

Accenture Tolling Solution drives 20+ years of transportation service for Ascendi.

What we think

Accenture Life Trends 2023: Control and Power

This year, people are seeking ways to adapt in an uncertain world.​

A sustainable future for urban mobility

How intelligent technologies can help drive safer, more convenient and more inclusive transport ecosystems.

Rebuild ridership by building trust

Transit operators are scrambling to win back passengers who abandoned public transport during COVID-19.

Our leaders

Marcus Fromm

Managing Director – Mobility, Travel and Logistics, Switzerland

Claudio Bacalhau

Managing Director – Rail and Transit, Growth Markets Lead

Michael English

Managing Director – Rail and Transit, North America Lead
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