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Doubling women in semiconductor leadership

February 22, 2021


In brief


Recruitment of women starting at a young age to build a strong pipeline for the future.


Retention of women in high-tech roles through strong and flexible benefits and programs such as mentorship, sponsorships and professional development programs.

Career advancement

Career advancement to ensure that women have access to the same opportunities as men.


Education to level the playing field, ensuring women not only have the qualifications to pursue a certain job, but they also have the confidence that they can do it successfully.


Women account for less than 10% of the technical total workforce in almost half of the surveyed companies.

1 in 4

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many were challenged with the loss of child-care, forcing 1 in 4 women to consider leaving their job or downshifting their careers to be primary caregivers at home.


During the year, a higher share of companies have 30-40% of their women in tech employees staying longer at the company.

Education is the great equalizer and is needed to level the playing field for women and men in the semiconductor industry. Many top business schools are revamping their programs to appeal to women.

"When you are able to raise your own bar, then you are really motivated. When you are happy with what you're doing, it's the best way of retaining people."

Jolie LeBlanc

Senior Manager – Accenture Strategy