In brief

In brief

  • Ideas for stretching your engineers’ innovation across your whole organization
  • A five-step path engineering can take to support your S-curve of transformation
  • An exploration of how cutting-edge topics like APIs, DevOps and Agile fit in

Engineering stretches beyond product development. Drive the discipline’s best practices across your enterprise for speed, efficiency and greater customer delight.

When engineers ensure their every development, whether for internal or external systems, supports your customer mission, they’ll find and employ best practice engineering innovations. Data-driven innovation will demand cross-functional data insights (informing all aspects of the business), a flexible, agile architecture and engineering delivery excellence.

Innovate. Enable. Maintain.

Innovating along the S-Curve can pit agility against financial control. Engineering can help you with an integrated framework of architectural patterns, tools and processes. We recommend following some key principles to establish this way of working.

Integrate tightly across engineering, data analytics and the business. Try cross-disciplinary scrum teams to ensure you measure the value you deliver not just in technical outcome, but in business impact.

Leverage the power of machine learning and AI to derive actionable insights from the data you collect.

Make extensive use of automation and integration for continuous delivery.

Embrace real-time measurement, tracking and reporting driven directly from project tooling.

Have a DevOps mindset. Automate everything; deploy often; learn, adapt, optimize and repeat.

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"Engineers can be the most agile people in your company; but you need to help them."

– LIAM FRIEL, Principal Director – Accenture Digital Video

Liam Friel

Principal Director – Accenture Digital Video

Gino Galassi

Managing Director – AVS Product Line​

James Weeks

Senior Manager – Accenture Digital Video


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